Integration with your Facebook Shop

Looking for a Facebook Shop application with a simple and trusted payments solution? ShopTab recently partnered with, a wholly owned subsidiary of VISA, using their simple checkout solution that allows for easy product payment.  This option creates a seamless buying experience so your users never leave Facebook to complete their purchase. is an expert at payment gateway delivery for billions of transactions each year with hundreds of thousands of merchants.  They provide many advantages to retailers that are looking for a new payments provider or who don’t currently have a payment solution.  Your ShopTab Facebook Store will present your products professionally while incorporating additional credibility to your clients of’s payment security and experience. See the picture below for a visual of the integrated “Buy Now” button.


Once your client selects their product they are taken to a checkout page within the Facebook frame that will allow them to verify their selection and then complete the purchase.         

We’ve heard from retailers that prefer a credit card based solution versus using a service like PayPal because of lower transaction fees and better support options. 

Additionally, this solution provides the same experience for non-profit entities that want to drive support through online donations or even product purchases. We’ll be talking about how non-profits can use ShopTab to activate their fans in Facebook in some future blog posts.

A complete FAQ on the installation and support of the Facebook Shop with is available.  Also you can follow the step by step slideshow below. If you already have an account with, you’re all set to go.  If you don’t have an account, you’ll need to complete the online application process with to get started.

Good luck and good selling!

[slideshare id=12674794&doc=authorize-netintegrationslideshow1-120424150512-phpapp02]


  • Hello ShopTab! I was wondering if you have any tutorials
    or videos that show how to integrate instead of

  • We don’t have a way to integrate with free-merchant at this time.Sorry!