Import your Ebay Store into ShopTab’s Facebook Shop

Creating situations for ebay sellers to broaden their selling opportunities is an important element to a successful growth strategy. According to the New York Times, users are spending more than 50 minutes a day on Facebook. Isn’t it time for ebay sellers to integrate your promotions and offerings into this platform to take advantage of these highly passionate users?

We think this is a perfect opportunity to integrate your products into a Facebook Shop. The ability to load your items into your Facebook fan page and have a full store environment, including a checkout system, allows you to fully participate in the emerging social selling boom.

Here are the steps you need to follow to set up your Facebook Store with ShopTab.

Step 1. Create your ShopTab account. Options are outlined here.

Step 2. Create an export file from your ebay account.

The option for the Turbo Lister provides for an import and export of the products in your ebay store.

Details about the Turbo Lister –
Support note on the file export –

Export your product file. Save it to your computer.

Note: Below outlines the fields that we need for a valid listing. The yellow ones are required and the green ones are optional. There will be over 90 columns but we only need those in the file listed below.

Step 3 (optional).  Save any current product listings in ShopTab.

If you have items listed in ShopTab already, you may want to save the file to your computer before we do the upload.  To do so, on the product listing page in admin, click on the Download (green button at bottom) and save the file to your computer. You’ll use this later if for some reason the file upload doesn’t work.

Step 4. Upload your ebay file into ShopTab.

– In ShopTab admin, click on Settings and then Product Feed (bottom option)

– Click to select the file you saved from ebay

– Map the fields – i.e. title to title, description to description….

– Upload the file. All products should be listed within a minute.

Here’s a video clip of the upload steps –
Or view it below.

Unable to display content. Adobe Flash is required.

Step 5. Review your product listings

Give the system a minute to load the items. You can click the “Product” option or just refresh you page after 30 seconds or so. Additionally, the system will send you an email after the upload is complete.

Let us know if you have any questions.

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Delete Facebook’s Most Recent Shop App from your Fan Page 

Since ShopTab’s start in 2009, Facebook has attempted to sell directly via the fan page several times with different internal and outsourced options apps and features. Their current “shop” version is a Shopify product that provides a simple user interface but may not have the functionality required for many sellers. We receive numerous requests each week from users that desire to delete the shop so that they can use our Facebook Store app or just get rid of it since it doesn’t work for them.

How to eliminate the app from your page:

Step 1: Click the “Shop” text option on the left rail that takes you to their shop option.

Step 2: Under the Settings or “Gear” option, click the “Delete shop” option.

Step 3: Confirm your choice.

This will eliminate the app from your page. You will now have the option to add another store app like ShopTab to see if it can provide the complete e-commerce experience that you desire.  Let us know if you have any questions by sending us a note at

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ShopTab’s Facebook Store Works with WooCommerce

The WooCommerce plug-in for WordPress websites creates a complete e-commerce option for sellers to quickly create a credible online website.  According to a recent study by BuiltWith, WooCommerce is by far the most successful shopping cart option available on the market.  However, in numerous recent discussions with WooCommerce sellers, it has been made apparent to us that they would like to leverage the significant amount of time that their buyers are spending on social media sites.

All it takes is standing in line for coffee in the morning to see everyone looking down to scroll their Facebook, Twitter or Snapchat feeds. Social Media Today provides an interesting infographic on the time users are spending on social media sites.  In the case of Facebook, individuals are spending 35 minutes a day on average and this is growing.  We believe that with the right approach this situation creates an opportunity for WooCommerce sellers to leverage their social presence to drive incremental sales from their existing clients and find new prospects via an integrated Facebook shop back to their WooCommerce site.

Why should you create a ShopTab Facebook Shop for your WooCommerce site?

  • Your buyers are spending most of their time in social media sites, as noted above. You need to capture their attention inside of these social networks.
  • You can easily manage all purchases through the existing WooCommerce admin.
  • Facebook provides a high-quality desktop and mobile app experience to successfully merchandise products.
  • Social awareness and sharing is a great way to create demand and drive impulse purchases.
  • The Integration is simple and you can trial the option for free!

WooCommerce recently made integration of the existing store in ShopTab quick and simple.  Almost all clients want to duplicate the products in their online store right into Facebook. WooCommerce recently update their import/export feed, email noted below about the update, to support the export of a file that can be immediately uploaded into ShopTab to create your catalog of products.


That link is available here –  The fields we need from the export are the product title, product description, price, category, URL to the product page and URL to the images for the product.

With the ShopTab account activated, the products loaded into the store and the appropriate promotion “Shop Now” buttons in place, you will be ready to sell.  Your Fan Page will show the ability for your fans and their friends to begin the shopping process with one click. Additionally, ShopTab provides opportunities for you to promote your products to your news feed/timeline to make these buyers aware of your products.


We hope you’ll give this new option a try. We normally provide a 7-day free trial. Use the coupon code of “FBSHOP” during registration and get an additional 30 days for free.


Full installation details and a video on the WooCommerce Facebook Store integration.

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Notification of an Order from Your Facebook Store App

There is nothing better for a merchant than receiving a notification of a sale!  So, what happens after the buyer selects a product in your Facebook store and completes the purchase either via credit, debit, PayPal or even for a Cash on Delivery order (COD)? We explain the complete order management process in this link but we want to specifically focus on the merchant notification in this post.

Integrated Cart
ShopTab’s integrated cart uses the PayPal gateway for credit card, debit card and PayPal payments. It is easy to set up (only takes an email address) and if you don’t have a PayPal account, it can be set up in minutes and immediately process orders.

As soon as an order has been completed, you will receive an email notice directly from PayPal, not ShopTab.  An example is noted below.

PayPal_Receipt_ExampleSince PayPal finalizes the receipt of the order AND captures all shipping information it made sense to use their notification system and leverage their features for the management of the order (cancellations, refunds, shipping information, taxes…). Log into PayPal and you can immediately manage the order. An example of the order detail is below.

Beatles order_Ink_LI

The buyer of your items will also receive a receipt immediately confirming their order.

Cash on Delivery (COD)
You will receive an email from ShopTab immediately upon the order’s completion.  The detail that you required from the buyer will be provide as well as all items they put in the shopping cart.


With COD, you should contact the buyer and arrange for the final payment and delivery of the item.

Notification of an order in both cases happens immediately.  Let us know if you have any questions.

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Using Category and Subcategories in your Facebook Shop

What’s the best way to help browsers and buyers to navigate inside of your Facebook Store? If you have significant number of products, we would suggest using ShopTab’s unique two-tier category approach coupled with our thumbnail view of all categories.  Making sure your shop has simple navigation is a key step to closing sales.

First, what is a two-tiered model? This means you can name a category such as “dog food” and then a subcategory to that category such as “small dogs.”  You may have an unlimited number of both categories and subcategories within your store.  Below shows how you one client designated categories in a product listing using two tiers.


This option provides to you a flexible navigation design to direct your buyers quickly to the products they are seeking.

Additionally, when you have numerous categories and subcategories, attention is needed to present navigation creatively within a desktop, tablet or mobile phone. To optimize this situation, we have a store layout called a Thumbnail template.  This highlights with an image each category and shows optional subcategories in the left rail listing.  An example of this options is noted below.



As your product catalog changes, the use of categories and subcategories changes dynamically within the store. As soon as you make edits to your store products with categories and subcategories those will appear immediately in your store.

QUICK TIP: With ShopTab you can make changes to the order of your categories easily within the administration interface. Just click on the “Product Order” and then choose the Category Order option.Category_Order

Product navigation isn’t a very exciting area to discuss but it proven to have a significant impact on buyer conversions to purchases.  Let us know if you have any questions.

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Add a GREAT Product Listing to your Facebook Store

Black_Dress_ListingIt is easy to add a product to your Facebook store and promote it to your news feed or timeline. This process can be completed in a matter of seconds.  It isn’t all that much harder or take much more time to add a GREAT listing to your store.  A great listing will help you to drive more product views and ultimately make more purchases from the Facebook shop.

Steps for a GREAT listing:

  • Complete all of the product information. Sounds easy but I can’t tell you how many products are listed with incomplete information in the product offering. A quality description, appropriate details about the item and options for them to consider assist in finalizing the sale.
  • Highlight and sell the product. Pictures, pictures and pictures. Your images will make a big difference to buyers. They are used in the listing and likely will be pulled into your news feed for promotion. Leverage great pictures, up to four in a ShopTab listing, with a detailed product description. Load large images into ShopTab and the “magnifier” will allow your buyers to view the product in an extreme detailed manner.
  • Provide purchase options. Buyers like to have numerous payment options. Our integrated PayPal gateway option provide credit, debit and PayPal payments. This demonstrates store sales increases of 10%+ versus those without the PayPal option. Add the Cash on Delivery Facebook Shop option to give that buyer a chance to show their intent and then come into the store or converse with you online before they complete the purchase. More options will drive more sales.
  • Provide a good call to action. Add a Promotion Code in your job description. Provide a flexible shipping option for multiple item purchases. Get creative! The ShopTab system has many ways you can provide coupon codes, discounts or pricing reductions for completing the sales – use them.

Remember, social selling is very contextual and impulse-driven. You want your listings to be shared and view by your fans, their friends and anyone that might be interested in your brand.  Using every option to connect to your buyers is critical – selling the value of your product within the listing only takes a few extra seconds but can make a huge difference in your sales volumes.

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Sell Event Tickets in your Facebook Shop

Have an upcoming event and need to sell tickets or event sponsorships? You will likely promote the event on all of your social networks to get the word out. Word-of-mouth and social networks are great ways to drive ticket sales.  Have you ever considered the value of actually selling the tickets inside of your Facebook fan page with a Facebook Store? The simplicity of the option may surprise you.

Lazy_WinesSource: Lazy Wines Facebook Store,

EASY TO SET UP: The creation of a Facebook Shop takes just a few minutes. Create your account, set up your checkout system and add your ticket options.  This process can take as few as 10 minutes to complete. As soon as you have finished your product listings the store is available to promote your ticket options.

SIMPLE PROMOTION:  Immediately create a “SHOP NOW” button that will appear at the top of your fan page in desktops, tablets and mobile phones. Immediately promote your event and purchase of tickets option directly to your FB fan page news feed. Choose to pay Facebook to promote the store or the specific product listings to target special audiences. We’ve had clients spend as few as $5 USD and sell out small events.

MOBILE SUPPORT:  Since most social users see posts via mobile devices, make sure you store provides full mobile product review and purchase options.  Sending a buyer to a website that wasn’t built for mobile purchase will likely discourage a purchase. Use a solution that has been optimized for a mobile Facebook buyer.

FLEXIBLE GATEWAY: Accepting as many purchase options as possible is always best. ShopTab selected to standardize on PayPal’s gateway since it processes credit, debit and PayPal payments in over 190 countries. Additionally, you can add in our Cash on Delivery Facebook option for those buyers or markets where that purchase intent option makes sense.

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Why Use PayPal’s Gateway with your Facebook Shop

Lillians-product-pageWe receive questions each week asking us why we use the PayPal payment gateway to process all credit, debit, bank invoice and PayPal payments in our Facebook Store application.   We recognize that there are hundreds of payment processor options that may be available for our clients across the globe. This made our selection very challenging.  Ultimately, we focused our offering to make it simple for our sellers, allow them to process the largest volume of sales and to have success selling as quickly as possible with their Facebook shop.

Below we have outlined why we think the Facebook Shop with the PayPal payment gateway is the best solution that we can provide to our clients.

  • Security – after detailed analysis we felt the ability for PayPal to store the payment information in their vault provided the highest level of security for our clients in the event of a hacker. Many competitive solutions store the information within the app providers’ servers – higher risk in event of a hacking incident.
  • Process the most sales – external research and our own testing and experience demonstrate that use of the credit/debit/PayPal combination can raise the average sales per store per month from 5 to 15%.
  • Easy of start-up – all you need to begin processing payments in your store is the email address you use to log into your PayPal account. The start-up process is simple, quick and secure. This is significantly easier than integrating other payment gateways.
  • Highest approval levels for sellers – for our sellers PayPal has a simple application and approval process making it easy for our sellers to begin selling.
  • Quick access to money – sellers have access to their payments within PayPal immediately and within a day or two if they transfer the funds to a bank account. Some competitive processors take days or even up to a week to provide funds to the seller.

Success for our sellers is defined by a quality experience and increased sales. The PayPal gateway provides a great solution for our sellers and their buyers to enhance the benefits and features of the ShopTab social commerce application.

It is important to note that ShopTab can integrate with external websites and market places via our Facebook Shop e-commerce URL integration and also can set up the Facebook shop as a Cash on Delivery (no processed payment) store.


More resources:

ShopTab using PayPal’s Gateway Set-Up

We recently read this blog post about the value of using PayPal or Stripe and it provided a great comparison –




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Why it Makes Sense to Pay for my Facebook Shop Application

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The Value in Managing Inventory within your Facebook Shop

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