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Our past case studies and client interviews have revolved around a Facebook store generating traffic to an existing e-commerce website or using PayPal’s simple checkout. But what about using a Facebook store to improve engagement on your Facebook fan page? Physique 57, a barre-based fitness company with studios in New York City, Beverly Hills and the Hamptons, has been doing just that with their Facebook shop and fitness services. They take advantage of all their social functions such as, “sharing,” “tweeting,” and “pinning” that the ShopTab store provides to make their client base aware of new products and classes.

Physique 57 understands that social media means you need to be social, not a sales pitch. When you create interesting conversations online you are more likely to relate to your cliental, which will increase the likelihood of future sales or referral from fans to their friends.

We spent some time with Natasha Attal, Social Media Manager, with Physique 57 and wanted to share their insights.

Tell us a little bit about your company?

Physique 57 has been a New York City fitness favorite since in 2006 when we sparked a bar studio craze creating a cult following, sold out classes and a celebrity clientele. Praised by press and regulars alike for our rapid results, the signature Physique 57 full body barre-based workout blends intervals of cardio, strength training, stretching and recovery to sculpt your arms, thighs, seat and abs and build gorgeous, long lean muscle. As fun as it is rigorous, our innovative choreography, energizing music, personalized coaching and motivating class community, actually make you look forward to working out.  It’s addictive!

In addition to our signature classes and studios in New York City, Bridgehampton and Beverly Hills, we offer 6 Physique 57 Workout DVDs and The Physique 57 Solution, a fitness and nutrition book. Our engaging online community inspires clients with tips, advice and encouragement to help motivate them wherever they are.

When did you start engaging with clients in social networks like Facebook and Twitter?

We launched our Facebook page in 2008 and our Twitter page in July 2009. We have over 17,000 Facebook fans, 8,400 Twitter followers and 1,100 Pinterest followers. We are also active on Foursquare and YouTube. Interacting with our online community is a great way for us to answer questions about our technique, motivate clients and help clients get to know one another.

How has your thinking changed in terms of using social marketing?

Social media marketing is not about telling followers about deals and why you’re a great company. We use it to help our clients make informative decisions and live their most healthy lives. For us, social media is a way to communicate with our clients beyond the point of purchase and also give them a way to communicate with each other and feel part of our wellness community no matter where they live.

Why did you decide to deploy a Facebook store with your social marketing?

It has been important for us to give our clients an easy route to sign up for classes and find our products online. ShopTab (and other wonderful platforms such as Healcode) have allowed us to provide clients with instant access to our product offerings right on Facebook. We particularly love the ability to tag a product as our featured product and the fact that people can share the products with their friends directly from the tab.

What have you learned about engaging your fans with you Facebook store?

There are 3 main Facebook tabs that you can have on your Facebook page. We make sure to include our ShopTab as one of those 3 tabs so that people see it upon visiting our page. Tab visibility and promotion is the key to its success.

How do you gauge success with social commerce and your overall social marketing?

We use Google analytics to track sales and visits from our social sites. It allows us to see when people make purchases and what we may have posted that led them to make those purchases.

Note: Physique 57 tracks their social performance for traffic and sales via Google Analytics. ShopTab provides tracking directly inside of Google Analytics with a simple feature that allows the client to create unique Google Analytic tracking from the Facebook Shop.






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How to Sell on Facebook for the Holidays

This holiday season eMarketer is predicting that online holiday sales will account for a quarter of all eCommerce retail sales. We believe that a critical element to your strategy is to include a Facebook store in your plans. Not only can it boost your online sales, but connect you to your consumers in a unique and engaging way, especially when they are in the shopping mode. Get your game plan ready now so you can have your best social selling season!

Having a system for your entry into Facebook selling is important.  We’re going to go through the 3 D’s of a Facebook shop, declaring, designing and deploying. Each phase is centered on the best way to optimize your social engagement to increase your holiday sales.

Declaring: This is your planning phase. You want to outline your holiday marketing initiatives so everyone is on the same page. Decide which social channels you want to utilize and most of all decide what activities will most benefit your Facebook shop. Selling on Facebook requires focused attention when it comes to posting, it’s the only way your fans will know you have a store. Here’s a quick tip for your social postings.

TIP: This holiday season instead of focusing on “selling” think about the season and what it truly means to people. Many people during the holidays respond to altruistic efforts, it puts them in the festive spirit and it helps with your brand building. So think of ways to give back this season, sponsor a certain cause and let your fans know a certain percentage of sales or specific packages goes to the cause, if they buy from your store. Allow them to donate to a particular organization or cause, buy one item and we’ll give the same item to that organization. Tom’s is a great example of a company that benefits from altruistic branding and buyer conversion.

Designing: Once you’ve put together your holiday strategy, you need to design your Facebook store. Evoking a festive mood engages your fans on a psychological level. They begin to relax and their mood lightens, if done correctly they’re taken back to memories of past holidays. Now that they are in a mental place where they’re more open to shop, they’re ready to begin their holiday shopping spree. Think of ways to change your branding to focus more on the holidays, use the all of the discretionary space that social networks give you.

          Facebook: Change your Timeline cover image. Not only will it give you a great visual but it’s added in your photo album for users to comment on and “like.” Don’t forget to change out your store icon, store banner, and update the color options to reflect the season.

          Twitter: They recently decided to give their users more graphics options as well. Their background is more user-friendly. You also have the option to add a banner to the top of your Twitter page.

          Pinterest: Use this pinboard to its full advantage. Create a new board just for the holidays. Place your items that you’re selling during this season on the board. Also offer holiday suggestions through imagery and pictures of your customers with your products.

          Google+: Update your Google+ banner to incorporate a more festive feeling.

Deploy: Everything is in place, ready to go and you’re ready to launch. Just a few things to check on before deployment.

          If you are going to align yourself with a cause or non-profit organization this holiday, make sure the details are in place such as timing, and internal approvals.

          If you’re going to use a sweepstakes or contest to boost Facebook sells, check all rules and regulations and set a time frame for your contest. Be clear on the rules and timing to your fans.

          You may want to use Facebook’s targeted and promoted posts to increase fan engagement. Make sure you have a budget put in place before launch. Think of the content types that will give you the best return for your efforts.

          Most importantly have fun and remember all the things you loved about the holidays.  More than likely what your audience feels the same about the holidays so be social and relate to them.

Remember, the race for 25% of all online sales start this month. Don’t miss out!

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Are Targeted and Promoted Posts Valuable for your Facebook Success?

Over the past few months Facebook has made great strides enhancing the Facebook Fan Page posting and engagement experience. We wanted to determine if their new features, Targeted and Promoted posts, had the potential to add to the social selling efforts in general and with your Facebook store.

When you use Facebook as a way to engage and listen to your clients and prospects, your success is built around your overall visibility, engaging conversations and sharing. Facebook uses a tricky to understand EdgeRank algorithm to determine just how many people see your posts. It’s based upon affinity, recency, and interaction, according to Luke Brynley-Jones on Social Media Today. So what does that all mean to you? It means that only about 12% of your fans end up seeing your posts, as stated by Josh Constine with Tech Crunch. We’ve seen other reports that suggest the 15% to 20% range for new feed appearance can be expected. Either way, you aren’t getting to 80%+ of your fan base.

So how do you make sure that your posts are being seen?

When you post something on your Fan Page an option in the bottom right corner of the dialog box is labeled “promote”- this is the new Promoted Post option.  Using this new feature gives you the opportunity to take control of how many people your posts will reach, as well as enhancing your ability to reach an audience outside of your existing fan base. The post can be promoted for a cost ranging from $5.00 to $500.00, it varies depending on the audience size you want to reach.

In order to quantify the value for your Facebook efforts, we have been using promoted posts over the last couple of months and have noticed a significant increase in awareness around our content. Here are our key lessons from using this feature:

  •      Photos are by far the most popular content to promote
  •      Posting of blog posts demonstrated our lowest engagement levels
  •      Experimenting with different content types is important early in this process, different audiences (ex: B2B vs. B2C) are looking for different reasons to engage with you
  •      Promotion of a product coupled with a special offer (discount, packaged offer or quantity specials) does really well
  •      Use of a designated content calendar to time the promoted post made the most sense for budget and performance 
  •      Targeting your post (see detail below) can really amp up your engagement with defined audiences
  •      There wasn’t a linear value in spending more to promote a post. Our take would be that there are diminishing returns as Facebook’s “reach” for the post gets closer to your total fan count.
  •      The user engagement (Facebook’s defined “engaged users” and “talking”) were exponentially impacted. This was a pleasant surprise as noted in the graphic below.

Facebook also offers their best practices for promoted posts and content as a reference.

What else can you do to increase engagement with your posts?

Targeted posts allow you to cut through all the noise and target specific fans based on age and gender. Adding filters to your posts can potentially increase your fan engagement by reaching out to a more specific audience that wants to hear what you have to say. For example, you may sell tutus for little girls. More than likely your targeted audience would be Female and an age range of 21-40. Now that you have applied certain filters, Facebook will sift through your fans and aim your posts at those that meet your criteria.  This option doesn’t cost you anything either – bonus!

*The targeted post feature for Facebook is only available for accounts with 100+ fans.

We’ve found these new Facebook features to very helpful in driving up our engagement levels and targeting the distribution of content we feel is really important for our users and prospects. Let us know what you think about these new Facebook features. 


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Selling in Facebook for Halloween

Don’t be a mummy this Halloween season! Take advantage of one of the second most important holidays for retailers according to Armando Roggio with Practical eCommerce. Most retailers treat Halloween as the start of the holiday selling season so don’t miss out on this important opportunity to validate your holiday strategy.  Set up your booreffic Facebook shop for Halloween today.

For a few idea starters for this Halloween selling season think about using a Facebook store application to drive traffic to your existing website or use PayPal’s Express Checkout option to reach your social network audience.

          Once you have your Facebook store up and running you will want to engage your fans and there’s no better time to get creative then Halloween! Everyone loves promotion codes and discounts, so create a Halloween themed online promotion code in your shop banner that your customers can enter in your website before checkout.

          Spruce up your Facebook store and ask your fans to post their Halloween costume photos on your page. The best costume wins a prize! Or post your own employees in their Halloween garb and solicit input for the best costume. Not only will it get your customers involved with you and your store but it will provide you great content to use in your Facebook timeline.

          If your products are Halloween related, get your fans to be creative and post photos or videos using your products for the Halloween season. Let them know the most creative one will win either free shipping or a free product with their purchase. 

          Get everyone in a howling good mood by posting videos of you and your staff getting into the Halloween spirit around the office. Tie in any products that you used to create the video and let them know you have them discounted in your Facebook shop.

          Starting a few weeks prior to Halloween, share some products with your fans that you think make great gifts.

          Last but not least, update your imagery such as your shop banner and store colors to reflect a festive mood. You can even translate it into your Facebook page as well by updating your cover photo and imagery.

These are just a few ideas to help get you brainstorming on all the social possibilities that selling on Facebook can provide.  There is no better time to join the conversations that are “brewing” around Halloween.  

Don’t forget it’s the last week to enter our Creature Feature contest. If you think you have a ghoulish idea for ShopTab send it our way with our sweepstakes app on our Facebook page. You will be entered to win a FREE Amazon Kindle or a $100 gift certificate. Last chance to enter will be September 17th, 2012.

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Financing your Social Commerce Success

Who doesn’t need money to help grow their business? We all do!  Sometimes it feels like financing is only an option for large businesses, even when things are going really well. We hear from our clients all the time that they believe they could optimize and increase selling in Facebook but are constrained by their access to money for marketing, inventory and infrastructure. We have a couple of thoughts on how you might solve this serious online and social selling problem.

Based upon a recent call, we learned about a company called Kabbage. Cool name and even better idea! They provide money exclusively to online companies to finance their growth.  Does it sound too good to be true? Not really, they understand online and social sellers! Kabbage can provide quick financing based upon information from existing revenues through Ebay, PayPal, Amazon, Etsy, your website or even UPS shipping. They even take into account your social status to determine your options – finally some value for all of your social marketing! The financing cost for the “cash advance” seems reasonable and is at least worth a look.

The Kabbage option may be perfect for existing sellers but what about those who don’t have much cash to start their efforts online or socially? We’re seeing a significant trend with these emerging micro-retailers globally – they begin their selling efforts within social networks. Why? First, Facebook provides access to a global audience with a low cost to no cost marketing platform where they are typically already there engaging with fans and followers.   Second, there are a number of Facebook store applications, like ShopTab, that provide for very simple deployment in minutes – no websites to design, merchant accounts to set-up or third parties to manage.   Lastly, these social selling tools and apps are available at a low monthly subscription cost options, allowing them to conserve their money.

Whether you are in the game or just thinking about selling on Facebook there are options to help you grow your social commerce revenues and your business.  Combined online and social sales are growing at double digit rates throughout the world; don’t miss your chance when options to build and grow are easily within reach.

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Tracking Your Facebook Store Success

We’ve talked in the past about the best ways to merchandise your Facebook Store and how to grow your audience. But we haven’t really addressed the issue of how do you measure your social commerce efforts? How do you know if using a social shop is an impactful answer for your brand and products? Easy, implement Google Analytics to track your traffic from your Facebook store!

Google Analytics is a terrific, FREE measurement tool that allows you to take traffic and conversion tracking into your own hands, and did I mention it’s free? Since you’ve optimized your Facebook Shop to the best of its social selling abilities you now need to know if it’s performing. Google Analytic’s allows you to set a unique URL tracker that will show you just how many people click on the Buy Now button.

As noted below you can see a snapshot of Facebook conversions in a recent Google Analytics dashboard report.


We have seen with previous case studies ShopTab’s Facebook Shop has been proven to be the number one referral traffic driver for your website. See for yourself how it can work for your website with these examples below.

                Mario Badescu Skincare Company – Drive Sales to your Facebook Store.

                Daytona International Speedway – Drive traffic and sales to your Facebook Shop.

View the slideshow below for a quick overview to implement Google Analytics into your Facebook Store.

[slideshare id=14099848&doc=googleanalyticsimplementation-120828173918-phpapp01]

If you don’t have a website and are using PayPal Express Checkout for payments, Facebook insights is a great tool to monitor your new traffic. Not only does it show you your new “likes” but you can see insights into your weekly reach as well as how many people you have talking about your products and page.  


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Holiday Success with Social Commerce

It’s t-minus 39 days until October 1st, the official start of the retail holiday season. Now that the countdown is in the double digits it’s time to get your holiday plans in gear so you can make sure you don’t miss out on this lucrative shopping time. We previously gave you a brief overview of what you need to be thinking about for your holiday Facebook store. This time around we want to give you validation for why you need to get your Facebook store ready for the holidays.

More than likely you are already teeing up your eCommerce site. You’ve put the holiday products in place, determined the discounts you will offer, and laid out your advertising campaigns. But have you thought about what your social commerce should look like this season? A lot of times people seem to think a Facebook store is a separate entity from their website. However, using a Facebook shop should be thought of as an extension of your eCommerce efforts. It’s not there to compete with your website. It’s there to drive traffic back to your website which in turn can drive revenue that you may not have seen from search engines alone. According to Mark Grondin the Senior Vice President, Marketing, Shopatron, he believes a Facebook store “is the number one traffic generator outside of search engines.” So this holiday season think of ways that a Facebook store can aid your website and sales.

Social media has emerged as the new way for consumers to talk about brands and products. When you place yourself in social venues you are giving yourself a chance to join in on the discussions your audience might be having without you. “The benefit right now, he stated, is people are interacting with brands on Facebook, and having a Facebook store will make your products that much more of the discussion,” stated Grondin. Become a part of that discussion this holiday by having a social presence with a Facebook shop. There’s no better way to reach and engage an audience then by being where your consumers are.

Surely you’ve heard of the phrase “absence makes the heart grow fonder,” the same can be said of your products if your audience can’t see them. There is a reason why you were craving a Coke after watching the Olympics. You were bombarded with Coke commercials and paraphernalia that your brain was subconsciously telling you, you must have a Coke. When you implement a Facebook store you are giving yourself the opportunity to make an impression on your audience by creating a constant presence in their space. They will continually see your brand and your products, therefore when it comes time to make a purchase it will be like the Coke scenario. Their brain will subconsciously tell them they need to purchase your products.

If you haven’t developed a website just yet, don’t fret you can still reap the benefits of selling on Facebook with ShopTab. By integrating PayPal Express Checkout you no longer have to have a website for the customer to check out on. So if you are looking for a way to reach your Facebook audience this holiday season then look no further than starting a Facebook store.

Now it’s time to get your Facebook shop up and running before October 1st. The earlier you have it planned and implemented the bigger the reward come the end of the online holiday selling season.

Don’t forget to enter our Creature Feature contest in order to win an Amazon Kindle or $100 gift certificate. Visit our Facebook page for more details.

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Use a Sweepstakes to Help You Sell in Facebook

Are you looking for a way to boost your social standing and engage your existing fans? Look no further than running a sweepstakes through your social networks! Not only can it get a stagnant fan base involved but it can drive sales and grow your brand awareness. Before any marketer begins to run a sweepstakes campaign* they need to make sure that they have all the details in place; the who, what, when, where and how. Sounds like a lot of work? Fear not… we’ll offer a brief overview and example of creating a sweepstakes to demonstrate the potential impact to your Facebook audience.

Before you begin you need to decide where you want the sweepstakes to take place. Should it be on Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest just to name a few? Or do you want to use a mix of social mediums? A good tip to keep in mind is to think about which platform has the most activity. If you see that you engage more people on Twitter, then make it the main social hub for the campaign but involve your other social networks as well. We recommend that you don’t limit your audience to only one social channel – typically the impact can be felt in all channels.

Now that the platform decision has been established you should review the make-up of your audience?  Think about the profile of your main target customers.  Determine an age bracket, gender, and general interest for them – create a clear picture. By answering those key questions you will be able to determine the end game of the campaign as well as the components of the sweepstakes. Additionally, the prize at the end of the sweepstakes has to align with your audience profile and is an important element. On the topic of the prize, you will want to determine the appropriate action you desire from your fans. For a sweepstake you can just have them ‘like” your Facebook page or if they follow one of your other social channels they could then be entered in your daily, weekly, or monthly drawing for a prize. The prize can range anywhere from a gift certificate, free products, or a large discount on certain items. At the end of the day you will need to decide what you are comfortable with rewarding your fans and followers. If you are running a contest then the prize needs to be worthy of the fans efforts such as asking them to take your product to a new destination and take a photo with it. That requires some work on your fans part, so rewarding them with 20% off a shirt may not really make up for their time.

When do you want to run the sweepstakes? Once you’ve determined the length of time then you’ll want to establish when the drawings will be held or when the contest winner is announced. When the Sugar Association decided to run a sweepstakes to boost their fan page they declared they would give a gift certificate every week, and the fan was entered in the drawing for one of the three grand prizes at the end of the 12 week period. Their thought process behind their sweepstakes was by offering a prize weekly the engagement would remain high. They thought right, their end results were a 4,488% growth in their Facebook page according to Adam T. Sutton with Sherpa.  Maybe you should consider using the sweepstakes and associating it with a recent product introduction or launch for your social selling.

It’s now time for the how you will run your sweepstakes for your fans. This section could be a whole blog post in itself so I’ll try to keep it short and simple. To provide an example, we’ve implemented an application from WuFoo on our Facebook page that allows you to create a form fill for your sweepstakes entries. Wufoo has various plans and pricing, but their basic package is free and works great for a simple campaign. 

[slideshare id=13992993&doc=wufoocampaign-120816174852-phpapp02]

It works really well for our desire to solicit new features ideas from our clients.

Once you’ve created your form and implemented it on your Facebook page you are now ready to market it. You will need to make people aware that you are running a sweepstakes and let them know what they will be working towards – i.e. build a marketing plan to promote it, don’t just expect them to find it on your Facebook page. You will want to socially post about the campaign consistently so users new and old will be reminded of the event. Make sure you post clear deadlines as well as announcing the winner or winners of the contest or sweepstake in a timely manner. If the campaign is taking place inside of Facebook you can utilize Facebook’s tools such as promoted posts and advertisements to reach a broader audience.

Driving engagement and increasing your fan base are critical elements in successful social marketing and ultimately the delivery of sales. Using tactics like a simple sweepstakes or contest can dramatically change your ability to engage fans in discussions about your brand and products in your Facebook store. These discussions are proven activities that will drive immediate impulse purchases in Facebook and referral traffic to your website.

It’s alive! It’s our creature feature contest that will run from August 17th to September 17th. We’ve been busy at ShopTab releasing new features to make your Facebook store experience the best it can be. But now it’s time for you, our audience, to take the feature creation in your hands. One lucky fan will win an Amazon Kindle with a retail value of $79.00 and a $20 gift certificate to Amazon.com. Or they can pick a $100 Amex or Vise gift card. Starting Friday August 17th our fans can submit one new ShopTab feature on our Facebook page through our Wufoo app. On September 17th the contest will end and our job will begin, we will read through all your ideas and pick the best one for ShopTab. The winner will be notified and we will begin to work on their new feature!

 Let us know how a sweepstakes or contest campaign worked for you.

*Make sure to check for regulations regarding your running of sweepstakes or contests in your locality.

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Delivering Beautiful Results with a Facebook Shop


Mario Badescu Skin Care is all about their personal one-on-one relationships with their clients for their skin care regime. Since its founding almost 50 years ago they haven’t lost sight that their clients come first. The emergence of social media gave them a new opportunity to engage women, who were focused on their skin care, in a very personal way. Specifically, Facebook allowed them to have a direct online relationship with their clients but they needed an elegant way to introduce their products into these social discussions. That’s when they decided to add a Facebook shop to their Fan Page. Since the implementation of the store it has been one of fastest growing traffic drivers to their e-commerce website.

Getting off to a fast start with Social Commerce was important to the team – they wanted to see impact for their efforts.  In the first 90 days they realized over 4,400 new visits to their website. More importantly, they were seeing incremental purchases – over 80 new orders.

Their purchase conversion rate of 1.85% in this period for visitors was in-line with other digital marketing efforts.

The team at Mario Badescu has been extremely creative in creating loyal fans for their page and their products.  One of their tactics rewards their fans by giving each person that likes their page the opportunity to receive free samples of their skin care line!

Tell us a little bit about your company?

Mario Badescu Skin Care is a 46-year-old luxury skin care line founded by the late, Romanian-born Mario Badescu. Mario Badescu spent many years developing and testing his innovative products before opening his iconic Manhattan-based salon. Today, Mario Badescu Skin Care produces some of the finest botanically-based skin care products in the world. Sold online and in high-end department stores and beauty boutiques, this highly respected, international brand still continues to hinge its reputation on providing the same type of customized, personalized treatment and care that made Mario Badescu’s salon famous nearly 50 years ago.

Why do you feel clients buy from you?

At Mario Badescu Skin Care, a complete, personalized skin care program is customized for each client—whether through our online skin analysis, over the counter, or at our salon. Putting their skin in our hands means that clients receive the exact skin care products necessary for their particular skin type and concerns. We ensure that each client gets exactly what their skin needs and with the most effective, gentle ingredients possible, including fruit extracts, seaweed, high quality vitamin oils, aloe vera, chamomile, and caviar.

What do you feel sets you apart from your competitors?

Despite that Mario Badescu Skin Care is now a world-famous, international brand, the company will never allow itself to lose the personal customer service for which it has become famous.

When did you start engaging with clients in social networks like Facebook and Twitter?

Long before I started working here. I would say, as early as they became available or shortly thereafter. 2004ish I am told by my boss.           

How has your thinking changed in terms of using social marketing?

We feel that social media has allowed us to become even closer to customers; better able to provide one-on-one interaction between each client and the brand in a way that is unprecedented. We are also better able to communicate with customers about the brand and provide our community with access to educational resources about skin care.

Why did you decide to deploy a Facebook store with your social marketing?

Ultimately we felt it was an easy way for current and prospective customers to see our products, engage with us and the community all without having to navigate away from Facebook to an external and potentially unfamiliar site.

What have you learned about engaging your fans with you Facebook store?

A lot. Not only is it a brilliant medium to expose your products to customers, it helps with brand re-enforcement too. People who like the products on those platforms back them up and share their experiences more frequently with their friends, who might not have ever heard of our brand before. 

How do you gauge success with social commerce and your overall social marketing?

Every time we engage with a customer in a way that provides them with exposure to our brand and access to better information (and, ultimately, better skin), we feel that our efforts in social media have been rewarded.

Is there one program, campaign or tactic that provides a good story for the impact of social marketing for your organization that you can share?    

We fully believe that exposing prospective clients to our products is the best way to gain new customers. As such, we wish we could give everyone the chance to try our products for free before committing to a skin care regimen. We offer every person who ‘likes’ our Facebook page a full, customized regimen of skin care products in sample size. This full regimen of samples arrives with a complete set of instructions.

We would like to thank Bradford Giosa and Jillian Ruffino, the social media director, for taking the time to talk with us about Mario Badescu Skin Care and to allow our audience to learn from their efforts in social media.

For more information about selling on Facebook, read our recent blog post about the various ways to take payment in your Facebook store.

If you want more coverage of successful Facebook shops please read our interview with Daytona International Raceway and their Facebook store success.

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