Audiofilia Finds Success with Facebook Shop in Mexico

Audiofilia, a Mexican electronics store, sells a large variety of products via Facebook to it’s 176,000+ fans. With over 350 models of headphones and audio products, Audiofilia needed an easy and effective way to increase their brand engagement and drive more sales.

After opening a Facebook store in Mexico, Audiofilia was able to sell their products to fans all over the world. A Facebook store was an inexpensive way to reach the fans that Audiofilia already had, and they didn’t have to spend extra money on advertising to reach them.

Audiofilia Facebook shop

Building a Facebook shop allowed Audiofilia to turn existing fans into buyers. Their fans can now buy products directly via a Facebook store link under their cover photo or via a mobile phone.

Audiofilia Facebook shop

The total number of Facebook users in Mexico has been growing by millions of people annually. The following graph compiled by Statista shows the number of Facebook users in Mexico from 2012 to 2013 with projections until 2018. In 2016, the number of Facebook users in Mexico is expected to reach 55.3 million.


As more and more people join Facebook in Mexico, online sellers will have to find new ways to reach their customers through social selling. Audiofilia capitalized on this growth by launching a store that lives entirely inside of Facebook. With Facebook shop language support and currency options they were able to easily translate the text to Spanish and use the Mexican $ for currency.

Category support allows Audiofilia’s customers to easily browse products and find specific items. Customer’s can also search for items based on price, or search for an item by it’s name in the search bar.

Audiofilia 4


Audiofilia uses high quality images and detailed descriptions to highlight their products. Customers can quickly add items to their cart and then continue shopping, or make the purchase without ever leaving Facebook.

Audiofilia Facebook store


As more and more people join Facebook, it becomes increasingly important to utilize the platform for social selling. Audiofilia was able to build a Facebook shop without the headache and hassle that usually accompanies a new e commerce channel.

In just a few minutes they were able to put their products in front of thousands of fans.

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