Adding Surcharges to Products in your Facebook Shop

When you run an ecommerce store you often offer variations of products such as size and color. It can be more expensive for you to provide the larger item, to provide an item of a certain color or provide a special package of multiple products. It is imperative that you have the capability to add a surcharge or an additional price to your item. This can be achieved through your Facebook shop.

You can easily add this capability to your Facebook store. To use the surcharge option, select the product variable option for the product listing and then check the surcharge box as seen below.


From this step you can then designate which variables you would like to set for the incremental changes since you aren’t required to have a charge for each variable. For example, if there are different sizes such as small, medium, and large you can set a surcharge just for the large product only. You can see this depicted below. An additional charge could also be provided for a color variation or other product variations that you make available in the Facebook e-commerce app.


When a buyer is in your Facebook store and the product and the variable that has the added surcharge is selected, the amount charged in the checkout cart will be noted as the cumulative price. This is a great way to add this into the total price of the item instead of showing the customer a breakdown, which would show that a surcharge is being added. Showing line items can be confusing and irritating customers. Having the surcharges added into the cumulative price is a more fluid way of making the price differentiations between variables.


The incremental price will be noted in a download of your products listings that you use as a back-up or as a template to edit your listings for future updates of your store. You should keep tabs on which of your product variations you have added to your inventory. You should also make sure that what you do with pricing is consistent across your products, since you don’t want to confuse your buyers such as a consistent surcharge for large shirts.

The flexibility to add a surcharge is very important for many sellers to effectively capture increased product or packaging costs. Some items can be more costly to manufacture and ship than others so it is crucial that you are able to reflect that difference to your consumers in a simple to understand manner.



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