Add ShopTab to Your Blog or Website

snippet 4The ShopTab Facebook Store can easily be added to your other online sites, even multiple online sites! Now your fans, followers, clients and prospects can buy your products from your online sites from one simple and easy to manage store application.

The Concept
The idea is simple – grab the existing store layout and place it right inside of other online webpages outside of Facebook.  With our new feature, available in the Expanded and Ultimate packages (see Facebook Shop options), the app can easily be added to your online site with a quick copy and paste.   Log into the admin of your other online property, create a new page and place the ShopTab snippet of code on the page and you should be all set.  You’ll need to follow any special configuration rules your site may have for adding iframe code or embedding of HTML.

Deploy in Minutes

The store code is easily retrieved.  Simply sign into ShopTab, go to the “Settings” tab and select the “Add to Website or Blog,” then copy the code.  We’ve provided a simple URL and an iframe code option for your use.

snippet 1

The standard ShopTab Facebook Store template layouts are 815 pixels wide, so make sure you have a page that will support this width.

snippet 2

Next you need to paste the code into the web page that you want to have the store appear within. Most platforms require it to be located within the body section for optimal layout. You may need to experiment what works best for you dependent upon your site.

*Note that the very popular WordPress sites will require a plug-in for the embedding of the URL or iframe.

To demonstrate how it works, we created a website in a couple of minutes, added a navigation listing for a “Cart” and then used their embed HTML option to place our code.  See it here.

snippet 4

Once the code is place, it is time to tell your fans, friends, clients and prospects to make them aware of how they can get to your store on your blog or website.  Good selling!

For ShopTab Standard Package users, you may upgrade to the Expanded or Ultimate Packages in the “Billing” tab under the “Change Plan” option.

Find full details on the implementation for your Facebook store on a blog or website in our Add your Facebook Store to a webpage FAQ.