Add more Social Impact to your Facebook Shop with New Features


In the vast field of Facebook Stores, ShopTab has strived to provide a simple solution to F-Commerce since 2009. Despite some negative news articles that have been released recently about some large brand stumbles with deployments of Facebook Shops, we at ShopTab are turning a deaf ear and releasing new features. We see the positive revenue impact for our clients every day.


Facebook is about the ability to share your life with friends, so why not share a product before you buy? With our new feature “Get advice from friends” you can do just that. All ShopTab clients can activate a button for each product so the user can ask their friends for advice on the product. While a “Like” is nice, recognition for a product in a conversation is even better! Just go to the customize setting in the admin panel and check to add this button to your store.

(Product listing with new advice button)


 Another feature we are proud to present is our ‘Subcategory’ feature. We haven’t seen this type of support in any other Facebook Shop application. It allows you to break your categories into two tiers to optimize Facebook Shop selling. Consumers can search the site with ease by giving them the ability to narrow their search field. For example, if your shopper wanted to purchase a man’s running jacket, they can now click on men’s attire with a subcategory for ‘running gear.’

(The SLA Batteries category has multiple subcategories listed by manufacturer)

 In our hectic world e-retailers are constantly on the lookout to speed up the shopping process. Our new feature allows the consumer to use advanced search options to find their desired product faster. If you would still like your shoppers to peruse your shop you do not have to use the subcategory feature, it is optional.

Don’t sit back. Unleash the power of the “Get advice from friends” feature by posting a share to all of your fans and followers asking them to rate one of your products, highlight a special price for a product or ask them to share with friends.

Stay tuned for upcoming news and features as we explore the numerous promotion possibilities ShopTab has to offer.

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