Add Dimension to your Social Marketing for Social Selling Impact

Many of our client discussions focus only on the core of marketing inside of Facebook. It is important to use all social opportunities to expand your social engagement.   We thought this week we should extend the love to Twitter and Instagram.  Small Biz Trends reported that up to 51.7% of traffic to small business sites come from social networks. Are you getting your share?   These two powerhouse social media applications are great promotion tools, to not only drive traffic to your Facebook store but build a new fan base for your products. We’ll give you a brief overview of how you can make them work for you!


Recently Twitter updated its platform to give more creative space for users on their Twitter homepage. Make sure you update your Twitter page to take advantage of the new branding opportunities.

–       Change your Twitter Header. You can customize your own header now, so create one that reflects your brand personality. The new dimensions are 1200 X 600.

-        Update your profile picture. Pick one that not only blends well with your header image, but best reflects the essence of your business.

-        For more information on updating your Twitter page, Fast Company gives a brief run down for updating your page.

Now that you have optimized your new Twitter page, it’s time to optimize your engagement.

-        You only have 140 characters to reel your customer in so don’t be boring and most of all don’t be a salesman. Think of your posts as a chance to get to know your audience, be their friends and share great content with them.

-        If you have products that relate to certain trending topics, use the hashtag to gain their attention and be clever enough that they want to click on your link.

  • I.E. the trending topic is “nowplaying,” and your product is popcorn. #nowplaying in the comfort of your own home is our delicious bag of kettle corn (insert hyperlink) to your Facebook store.

-        Create videos! If you are launching a new product line or you want to re-vamp your audience put together a short, fun video for your fans.

-        Use our customizable Tweet text in your ShopTab admin. When your customers tweet your products they’ll post with the Tweet text that best reflects your brand.


For those of you that aren’t really sure what Instagram is and how it could possibly benefit your business, listen up.

Instagram is a mobile application that gives users an opportunity to photograph their life and likes in unique ways to share with friends and fans. Users can interact with each other by commenting on pictures posts as well as “like” the images. The beauty of Instagram lies in its simplicity around images that help you and your business build personality as well as a following. You can also set it up to synch with your Facebook profile as well as Twitter account. So as soon as you post a picture, it can go live to your other social sites. Images are viral and users love them, the more you create the better just remember to point them to your Facebook shop or website for purchasing.

So how can you use this for your business?

-        Use Instagram to showcase your products. Create an Instagram account for your business specifically and post daily or weekly pictures of your products. Get creative with the posts.

-        Take pictures of ways to best use your products. Or think of funny ways customers have used your product and showcase it.

-        If you are going to launch new products, give your audience a sneak peek before anyone else.

-        Share things that inspire you and your employees.

-        If your products are hand-made, show the process from start to finish.

*Side note, make sure you don’t clog newsfeed with images. That can be a turn off. Plan out your Instagram strategy first, and then start snapping away.

These are just a few ways to get started with other social networks. Have a brainstorming session and come up with other creative ways to engage your audience. Then share with friends! We’d love to hear your ideas.