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Sell more products by creating a store in your Facebook fan page that showcases products from your existing online store or creates a standalone store. Easily. Quickly. Inexpensively.

The premise is simple – monetize your presence on Facebook by uploading your products to a “shop” tab on your Facebook page. We pull product information much the same as any other shopping feed would, so if you’re already uploading products to Google Base (now called Google Product Search), our process is just about the same. You may process your orders inside of your existing e-commerce website or build a standalone store inside of ShopTab on Facebook.

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Best of all, we don’t charge an upfront fee to build out a shop tab or take a percent of your sales. Starting at just $10/month flat fee, with no contract. You can even try ShopTab Free for 7 days.

After creating an account on Facebook you will be get access to an administration panel so you can add your products. Once your products are added and you add the Application to your Facebook page your Facebook Shop Tab will be live!

The back end administration panel is very flexible allowing you to upload a shopping data feed or enter products individually. If using the data feed feature an average shop with 500 products should take less than 20 minutes start to finish to publish your shop tab.

We look forward to seeing you set up ShopTab on Facebook very soon. After your shop tab is live please post a link on our ShopTab wall so we can check it out.

ShopTab Important Links:

Website – Facebook Shopwww.shoptab.net 

Facebook Application Page – www.facebook.com/ShopTab

ShopTab Support – support.shoptab.net

ShopTab Admin – admin.shoptab.net

Twitter – www.twitter.com/shoptab

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