3 Tips For Creating Facebook Store Video Ads

Why would you want to create video ads in the first place?

It drives more sales to your Facebook shop. According to data from comScore, 64% of consumers are more likely to buy products after watching videos about them. You can use the power of video ads to get more prospective customers interested in your store.

Image: Digiday.com
Image: Digiday.com

Follow these steps and you’ll be well on your way to creating great video content for your Facebook shop.

1. Choose a specific audience

Rather than create content that targets anyone, focus on creating videos that target a specific audience segment. These videos are more likely to get clicks to your website, shares, comments and likes.

Instead of making a general video that covers everything, create a video for one specific product or service in your Facebook store.  General videos are good for branding but not for businesses focused on driving sales.

2. Get the viewers attention quickly

The most effective videos on Facebook get to the point right away. You need to catch the attention of your audience in the first 5 seconds. Most videos are muted unless the user clicks on the audio button. This means that you need to strong visuals to accompany the audio that you have. Some viewers are likely to skip videos that are too commercial, so keep it personal and interesting.

3. Keep it short

Most marketers will recommend that you create videos that are about 30 seconds long (any longer and people tend to get less interested).

In some cases you can make the video up to 2 minutes long (if you’re adding value during the whole video). There are a few cases where long videos might work. For example, users already know your brand and like your content. Also, if the video is useful or entertaining, your niche may be willing to invest time watching it. If you’re new to video, start with a short 30-second video showing off one of your best selling items.

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Zach Beattie

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