10 Tips To Cost Effectively Use Facebook for Business

If you own a business, chances are by now you have jumped on the bandwagon and are attempting to manage a company Facebook page. You might even be trying to manage a Facebook store.

This is no small task, and by now you have probably run into a handful of issues on how to grow and maintain your fan base and preserve your brand image.

Facebook store management

Do not fear, you are not alone.

With little experience it can be difficult to understand the right step to ensure your business does well within the social media arena. More often than not, most companies simply fill out all the basic information, include some old pictures, make a few posts, then sit back and wait for the results. This is usually when things go wrong and confusion sets in when outcomes are not what they were expected to be.

Many owners have started to question if Facebook has any value to them at all (which we’ve recently proven false in our post about organic Facebook reach)

Being involved in social media can take a lot of work and dedication to ensure it is done right, but these are important skills to learn in the digital age. Like anything in life, there are no shortcuts to success.

Here are 10 ways to cost effectively use Facebook for business:


  1. Add value and be consistent. Keep in mind who your fans are and why they are interested in following your business. It is important to keep them engaged with videos, links, and articles that appeal to why they liked you in the first place. Before hitting the submit button ask yourself: “Will this add value to my customers and fans?” If not, share it somewhere else.
  2. Use @ tags strategically. You can have up to six “@ tags” in any update/wall post consisting of a mix of friends, fan pages, events, or groups. Use @ tags to help spread awareness of your post by tagging other relevant businesses, pages, and profiles. It’s also a great way to give credit, thank, and acknowledge others in a personal way.
  3. Add an engaging welcome tab to your fan page. A welcome page is the first thing a new users who lands on your Facebook page will see. It is a great way to share information about your business through simple messages and videos and can be very easy to set up. These pages help inspire and provide incentive to users to become a fan of the page. Using contests and promotions on these pages is another great way to get noticed. Check out these examples: Red Bull, Toy Story 3, Social Media Examiner, StringCan Interactive
  4. Utilize eCommerce on Facebook. Install a Facebook store on your Facebook page to allow fans to buy products directly from your fan page. It’s a great way to increase sales and monetize your presence on Facebook. It can also serve as a great communication tool for you and your customers by encouraging friends to share they product they love on their walls.Facebook store modern template
  5. Provide an area for your fans to voice their opinions and thoughts. Everyone likes to have their voice heard – make your website the go to place to be heard by adding a Discussion tab! If applicable, Review tabs are also a great way to allow users to speak out about your product/service. It can be a good place for word of mouth advertising for good reviews and an equally good place to show your customer service for negative reviews. It may even give you a chance to convince a unsatisfied customer to stay be solving their problems. To avoid spam and confusion, make sure to specify exactly how and where you want users to post especially in the beginning of your thread.
  6. Monitor and respond to fans posts with personality. Keep a close eye on your Facebook page and promptly respond to everyone who comments. Adding a human and personal touch to your responses can really help users connect to your brand and have a good sense of quality customer service. Include the names of the people you respond to and ensure some real though goes into each answer.
  7. Think outside the box. Surprise your fans! Every now and then it is good to spice things up and switch up your routine on Facebook. Introduce things like “Fan Page Friday” or “Share Your Blog Day” and invite all your fans to share their links on your wall. This is a fun way to get fan involved and can also create some viral visibility for you page! Also, there is no better way to appeal to what your fans what than to just ask! The Notes feature can be a great way to ask what your fans are interested in hearing about through blog articles, links, etc. Your fans can also be a great resource for evaluating current products and creating new ones.
  8. Stop selling – build relationships. Social media marketing isn’t a fancy term for social selling. Marketing these days is about focusing on relationships more than it is about actually selling. That’s the reason why you got a company page in the first place – to connect with fans! Get to know your fans and appeal to their needs, and they’ll let you know when they want to do business.
  9. Utilize Facebook Ads. Facebook Ads are an amazing tool that has completely changed digital marketing. They allow a business to target users specifically on their specific and personal interests and information. There targeting tools make this medium a very powerful tool that can greatly improve the reach of your fan page or website. Depending on the competition within what you are advertising, these ads are often very cheap and cost effective. While they are not right for all businesses, they are certainly something to consider.
  10. Incorporate Social Media Plugins on your webpage. A personalized web experience is the future for Web 3.0. The ability to make a page completely customized to the users who land on it will change The Internet forever. Social media plugings are a great way to capitalize on this and help bring your webpage into the digital age. Incorporating a Facebook plugin on your page can spread awareness of your social media presence to visitors of your site by showing them your fan base and recent posts. This can also be a great way to encourage visitors to follow you on Facebook when they see their friends already Like you.
Zach Beattie

Zach Beattie

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  • Pat Carter

    I do not see the cost of selling on Facebook

  • Kevin Gralen

    Pat – here is a page with the cost for the ShopTab app per month. That would be your only cost plus the transaction charges for any sales from the gateway processor. https://www.shoptab.net/pricing-and-features