Selling on Facebook Requires Flexible Payment Options

July 25, 2012 by Kevin Gralen

As a merchant, the ability to have flexible store design options is essential to appeal to the over 950 million users on Facebook. So why not have that same ability for making payments and selling products in your Facebook store?  At ShopTab we recognize this diverse environment that Facebook selling provides and have created three payment options to support the needs for different types of merchants across the globe.

For many retailers referral traffic from Facebook to their e-commerce website is their fastest growing source, coupled with their most qualified target buyers.  Adding a Facebook store, that is tightly linked to your e-commerce website, is one critical element of driving this traffic and producing product sales.   Selling on Facebook is not hype or a fad but a unique way to reach an audience that is usually untapped through unique social sharing and interactive conversations.  ShopTab was originally created in 2009 as a Facebook application just for this very reason – driving quality traffic to your e-commerce store. When your customers come to browse your Facebook store they will see a Buy Now button located with your product listings. Once they click on the Buy Now button they will be directed to your website to complete their transaction for that item. This simple implementation leverages the investment in your existing website while taking advantage of its sophisticated security, proven merchant accounts and single location for management of your products.

Conversely, you may be a merchant that is just starting out and haven’t created a website yet. How do you utilize the significant benefits of social selling on Facebook? You can use PayPal, the world’s largest online payment processing company, for your payments! PayPal provides broad international support for merchants and users with 24 different currencies and over 230 million users.  Instead of having a Buy Now button that would direct your customers back to your website as noted earlier; you will have a PayPal Buy Now button for secure and immediate purchase.  Now here’s a little morsel of information that you may not know, your buyers can check-out using a credit card inside of PayPal in the event they don’t have or don’t want to use their PayPal account. Even PayPal recognizes the need to be flexible when it comes to buyer payment options. (Note: SHOPTAB has released a full function PayPal Facebook Shop with cart and inventory support)


Lastly, ShopTab has recently released a feature that allows merchants to utilize a Cash on Delivery (COD) option, which is perfect for cash-based retailers or merchants that sell custom products.  For merchants that live in regions where cash is still king, online checkout options with credit cards or PayPal just doesn’t make sense. Our research shows that 60% of the top 20 Facebook countries by user count are in cash dominated economies.   This solution also works great for our clients that custom design their products, the custom form fill allows them to reach out to their clients prior to final purchase to finalize the product configuration, payment details and delivery. Once the customer clicks on the COD button (or whatever name you deem best) they will be taken to a customizable form inside of Facebook. After the form is completed and submitted by the customer, the merchant will receive an e-mail confirming their interest in your product as well as an update to their real-time sales report inside of their store profile. The merchant is now able to contact the interested buyer and complete the sale.

It is interesting to note that some of our more creative merchants are using both the COD option with PayPal or e-commerce link to appeal to the diverse mix of users in their market.  Now it’s up to you to decide which payment options work best for you and your Facebook shop! Take a look at our slideshow for more details on how these options work within a ShopTab Facebook Store.

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