Secrets to Facebook Fan Page Content

July 18, 2012 by Kevin Gralen


So you’ve got your company, your brand or non-profit group on a social platform now what do you do? Well for starters you have to do something and that means you need to create content for your page. Not only will this make your fan page more exciting but it will ultimately grow your audience when people like or share your posts. You are on a social platform so that now means you have to be social!

However, this doesn’t mean you should bombard your page with content that doesn’t have any thought behind it. You want, no scratch that, you need to devise a plan for your content. Sure you can trail blaze a path without a plan but in the end how are you going to know what worked, and what didn’t work. Of course, once you have the plan in place you’ll want the secret formula for Facebook posting. Well we can’t give you a secret formula because there isn’t one. However, having something interesting to say about your industry, market, organization, product or situation is a good start.

First off, let’s talk a minute about how often and when you should post on Facebook. The golden rule is you want to post great content but you also don’t want to overwhelm your fan’s news feeds. This can be the fastest way to get them to unlike you. The best start would be to post on a daily or every other day basis. It’s putting content on your site without being overwhelming. According to Social Times the best time of day to post is noon. You can also make the decision if you want your business to post Monday through Friday or continue on through the weekend. Saturday is one of the highest days for social activity on Facebook as stated by Social Times.

Now onto the type of content you want to be posting. A picture is worth a 1,000 words so it’s no surprise that images are the top content boosters.  Facebook built the timeline design to optimize for images and videos.  That doesn’t mean you have to post imagery at all times, it just means you should figure out a unique way to incorporate pictures onto your page. A clever way to increase content and use imagery would be to add milestones to your Facebook timeline weekly or monthly. It provides the user with new information about you and gives a photo view into the world of the people behind the business. You can also encourage your fans to share photos on your page that relate to your niche. Turn it into a contest, and the best picture will win a prize of some sort.

Another content generator you can utilize is providing some engagement activity that provides rewards for your fans. Since they took the effort to like your site and actually participate on your page why not give them something in return? Social Media Today says that 43% of users become fans because they would like to receive discounts. Well let’s give them what they want! You can decide to have a “Hump Day Steal” which gives your fans a discount code for their checkout in your Facebook Store. This activity can spur significant social sharing and awareness.

These are just a few tips to help you build content on your page. There are several other creative and unique ideas that will help your grow your page and create brand advocates in our Social Commerce Strategy document.  There aren’t any true secrets to great content, just hard work, interesting perspectives and a willingness to communicate with others.  The secret is your willingness to take chances and provide a compelling reason for people to want to engage with to you.

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