Making Sweet Music with your Facebook Shop and PayPal

June 5, 2012 by Kevin Gralen

The number one question we get asked on a daily basis is, “If I don’t have an e-commerce website can I still use your Facebook Shop app?” The answer is simple, YES! You can sell with our Facebook application without an e-commerce website because you can use PayPal Simple Checkout as your payment solution. This easy to implement solution may not be the answer for all retailers but it is a perfect solution for very small or new retailers that want to leverage the largest online payment system available worldwide.

(Note: ShopTab has released a fully integrated PayPal Facebook Store option.)

There are numerous reasons retailers want to couple ShopTab with PayPal for their social commerce solution.  Many global retailers are finding that their clients are highly engaged on social channels.  Instead of pulling them off their social sites they want to go where the people are inside of Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, just to name a few. Then there are smaller retailers who want to just sell their products on Facebook to test their marketing programs, product value propositions and overall client acceptance.   Also, time to market with a Facebook store can be minutes versus weeks or months with a traditional customized website solution.  Integrating ShopTab with the highly proven PayPal checkout system is the fastest way to market for these clients that don’t need the complexity of an expensive e-commerce cart solution.  

One recent unique example is a ShopTab client who recently closed his e-commerce website to market exclusively with his Facebook shop. He chose ShopTab with the PayPal option since it provided the features he needed to merchandise his products. Michael Viork, President of Bordentown Guitar Rescue, in Bordentown, New Jersey opened up his Facebook store in order to be where his customers are spending their time. “Now, with ShopTab I can reach EVERYONE who visits my Facebook page (over the last week alone I have grown 170 more “Likes”) and possibly sell my goods wherever they may be,” stated Viork. Additionally, Virok also has a brick and mortar store and he is hoping his Facebook store will be just the right push it needs to stimulate traffic and sales.

The ability to reach such a large volume of users is a key marketing decision point for many small businesses to leverage Facebook. It not only allows them to build relationships but creates a lasting fan base that can become their biggest promoters and sellers.

If you are ever in New Jersey be sure to Drop by Michael’s shop in Borderntown to take a look at his collection of beautiful guitars. In the meantime, view the slide show below to learn more about this Facebook shop solution. For more detailed information on how to integrate your Facebook store with PayPal click here.

What do you think are some of the biggest challenges for small businesses in the social media world? Sound off in the comments below or start a conversation with us on twitter or Facebook.



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