Facebook Shop Integration with CCNow

August 29, 2012 by Kevin Gralen

CcnowSnorrason ShopTab is excited to announce a new Facebook Store integration with CCNow to provide a quick-to-deploy social selling solution for their e-commerce clients.   This solution will allow all CCNow clients to quickly launch a Facebook Store to increase their social media presence, drive improved referral traffic to their website and create new revenues.  The Social Commerce market continues to grow dramatically, especially for small to medium businesses, and CCNow clients have a proven solution for  this dynamic online revenue opportunity.

CCNow has a broad international presence with 14 currencies supported in 27 countries. ShopTab’s client base and reseller network demonstrates similar diversity with international presence in over 50 countries. The opportunity to integrate CCNow’s comprehensive e-commerce cart with a Facebook store in these countries opens a unique opportunity for these clients to broaden the awareness of their products and services to the over 900 million Facebook users.

CCNow has created no cost option within the Marketing Tools section of their site administration that creates the product file format required by ShopTab. The file creation and upload into the Facebook Shop app only takes only a few seconds to complete. This integration is immediately available to all CCNow clients.  Some clients may want to modify the file based upon specific needs that they feel make sense for a social store audience – i.e. a daily deal category or special image references for different selling seasons.

To highlight the relationship, ShopTab is offering a special extended free trial for CCNow clients to help them to get into the social commerce market without an immediate financial commitment.  Facebook store implementation resources for CCNow clients are immediately available via an FAQ, installation document and slideshow to assist in a fast implementation.  

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