Should I Set Inventory Levels for Products in my Facebook Store?

July 23, 2013

A recent client, Bob’s Custom Calls, phoned last week asking if he could set inventory levels in his Facebook Store.  Bob’s call was a great reminder that many of our clients are using Facebook as their only online selling presence and features such as inventory tracking can be important in determining the success of your [...]


Sell Subscription Products in Social Networks

July 15, 2013

Many believe online commerce is solely oriented toward the one-time purchase of physical products.  However, numerous products are sold every day as a subscription to the buyers that may be a physical product, a service or even digital goods.  In fact, the New York Times proposes that selling via subscription may be a new “rage.” [...]


Facebook Fan-tasy Pays Off

April 24, 2013

Every wonder if your social marketing efforts are worthwhile? According to recent research by Syncapse, “the average value of brand fans in key consumer categories has increased 28% to $174.17.” Based upon our interpretation of this research, social marketing is well worth your effort!   We highly recommend that you take the time to review their [...]


Facebook Shop Promotes your Products with One Click

April 11, 2013

What is the best possible way for you to reach your fans inside of Facebook with your Facebook Shop? Simple, with a Facebook post that shows up in their news feed!  According to Facebook expert, Jay Baer, 48% of users check their Facebook news feed more than once a day. That means that your fans [...]


Rearrange Products in your Facebook Shop

March 29, 2013

Your product organization is a key element to your storefront especially around specific selling seasons such as the holidays. Now rearranging your store products has become as easy as a “Bump.” With our new Bump feature you can easily move any product to the top of your product list or reorganize a smaller grouping of products. [...]