Create a Catalog in your Facebook Page

April 14, 2014 by Kevin Gralen

Some clients indicate a desire to create an online catalog for their products without a need to complete an online transaction.  Their desire is to show, share and support customers and potential prospects regarding their products or services without the high cost of building a website.  We’ve created an option, using our Facebook shop application, which allows an organization to access their fan base with a catalog layout using our optimized desktop and mobile store templates in their fan page.

Desktop Layout Example

Desktop Layout Example

          Mobile Layout Example

Mobile Layout Example

How to build your catalog

1. Register a ShopTab account and add the app to your page.

  • Sign-up for a ShopTab account to support the number of products you want to show in your catalog. Click to see subscription packages for a Facebook Shop.
  • Add the app to your Facebook fan page.  The system will take you through the Facebook permissions required to add the app to your fan page.
  • Default to the website e-commerce integration. This shouldn’t require you to do anything during set-up. We won’t use this functionality but that setting allows us to hide the buy buttons.

2. Configure the store design with these special selections.

So that we show only the product information, as noted in the example images above, you’ll want to follow these specific steps in the “Store Design Options.”

  • Go to the Store Design Options Page
    • Select to remove the “buy now” link. main_product_options
    • Now we need to make some changes to the colors used in the store. Make the edits as noted below. Use “FFFFFF” for the Buy Now button and the background price bar. color_theme_options

If you desire to eliminate any pricing information, place “FFFFFF” in all fields or just don’t include a price in your product listing.

    • If you want to eliminate the price drop down option, you can check the box in Store Design Options to eliminate it.

3. Modify your fan page icon to reflect your catalog.

You can change the app icon on your fan page as noted below to reflect your catalog.  You can load an image to replace ShopTab’s cart and rename the tab from “Shop” to “Product Catalog” or whatever makes sense for your page. Your image will need to conform to Facebook’s required 117 X 74 pixel size.desert_turtles

4. Add your product listings.

Click the “Add Product” and load your listings either manually or via a data file. update_product

5. Promote you catalog to your fans and friends.

Use ShopTab’s special promotion features that allow you to highlight items or the entire store to your fans and their friends at no cost.  Or you may even want to consider using marketing options from Facebook, such as their paid ads to promote your fan page or the catalog.


Promote items in Facebook

Promote your Facebook Store to all desktop and mobile users

If you are using a catalog in your Facebook page, let us know how it works best for you and your organization.



Reordering Categories and Products for Search

April 7, 2014 by Chelsie Ball

A big part of running an ecommerce store is the ability to efficiently lead customers to the products or services that meets their need. This includes the organization of how your products or services are offered to your customers. ShopTab makes it easier than ever to organize the categories and products in your Facebook shop.

You can find this feature in the admin portion of the app. Go to the “My Products” page and click “Change Order”. At this point you are given the option to choose to reorder your categories or products within your Facebook store.


Categories are a key helping customer quickly find the merchandise they desire. These days, customers have a very short attention span. If they go to your store and can’t quickly find the product they are looking for than they are likely to move on to your competition. Many clients put their most popular categories at the top of the category drop down list to help their clients.

On the page to reorder categories you can choose to drag and drop your categories to their desired location. This is located in the left column of the listings. You can also reorder by choosing the order number and editing that field with the desired number order that you would like that category to be placed in. Changes to listings that are made in this screen are immediately saved to your store.


In order to change the product order, select that option from the “Change Order” button on the “My Products” page. The reordering process on the product page works the same way as it does on the categories page. You can choose to drag and drop to reorder your products or you can choose the order number and select which order you would like that product to appear.

Change product order 2

Every product and category is available in this section so you can easily view all and determine what order you would like everything to appear. Please note that any updates you make in the category section will not affect the order of the products; you must be in the product reorder screen to update the product order.

The order of your products and categories can affect the overall usability and conversion rates of your Facebook store. Setup your products and categories relevant to what your customers are looking for, this will allow them to find your products quickly, which in turn will increase your opportunities to finalize a sale.



How to Attract More Likes to Your Facebook Fan Page

March 24, 2014 by Chelsie Ball

Setting up a business page on Facebook is a relatively easy process. The challenge that you will face once the page is complete is getting users to “Like” your page. There are a number of avenues that you can use to attract likes to your page.  We recommend to all those new to building up a fan page to use multiple methods and we believe the ideas below are the best options to quickly build up your social presence in Facebook.

1.       Invite Friends to “Like” Your Page

This is a great way to get fans to your page when your page is first built. It allows you to tap into the personal network that you already have on Facebook. The invite feature allows you to ask certain friends or all friends to like your business page. This feature can be found at the top of your admin panel under “Build Audience”. Invite your friends and ask them to invite their friends.invite_friends

2.       Email Your Existing Customers

Inviting your email contacts to like your business page is also an integrated feature of Facebook. This feature allows you to send out a mass email to your database asking them to like your page. You can see that function of Facebook in the image above titled “Invite Email Contacts”. Once you choose that option a dialog box will appear where you can choose which email contacts to invite. email contacts

3.       Run a Contest

Creating a contest hosted on your business page is a great way to create buzz about your fan page. You can run a contest through a Facebook app such as offerpop. You can also now run a contest directly through your business page as long as the rules and restrictions are properly outlined and that the ways to win are made clear. If you are new to Facebook contests we suggest using an app just to make sure you are complying with Facebook terms for contests.

4.       Add a Fan Gate

What is a Fan Gate? Fan gates (also referred to as like gates) have users “Like” a page before they can see the posts, contests, or products that are offered on an application inside of your fan page. You do this by adding an app to your page. If you want to display different information to fans you can use ShortStack; if you are looking to promote a Facebook store or a daily deal you should use an app specifically for that such as ShopTab for your Facebook store or SharedDeal for your daily deal. All these apps are equipped with optional fan gates that will prompt users to like your page before they can view your deals or products. Below you can see an example of a fan gate for a Facebook store using the ShopTab app. fangate_example

5.       Use Other Social Channels

Letting your whole network know that you have created a Facebook business page is another way to drive likes to your page. Generally you have different contacts in each of your social media networks so be sure to let them know that your page exists and ask them to like your page. A few social media channels in particular you can focus on are Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, and LinkedIn.

6.       Incorporating Into Your Email Signature Line

Incorporating a “Like us on Facebook” feature in your signature line will ensure that everyone you are emailing will see that you have a business page on Facebook. Another bonus of using this in your signature is generally the people you are emailed are interested in your products and services so they will be more likely to go Like your page. Be sure that you are including a link to your business page from the signature to make it easy for your contacts to like the page. You can easily add this function into your signature line; you can see the example below. facebook_signature_ex

7.       Use Facebook Ads

In previous articles, we have discussed how Facebook Ads can be utilized to driving traffic and likes to a Facebook page. Many times Facebook Ads are used to offer product or service discounts to consumers. When you pair Facebook ads with a Fan Gate it especially efficient in attracting new likes to your page. Use the Facebook ads to draw attention to your products by offering attractive deals to users. Once they come to look at your products they will use the fan gate feature and drive up your likes. To see more on how to create a Facebook Ad visit our previous article: “Use Facebook Ads to Drive Sales in Your Facebook Shop”.

8.       Adding the “Like” Capability to Your Website and Blog

This allows anyone that is visiting your website or reading your blog to be able to easily like your Facebook page without leaving the content they are looking at. This is an easy way for you to gain more fans and a benefit of this avenue just like email signatures is that you are capturing likes from users who are interested in your products or services. Below you can see an example of adding the multiple social plugins to your blog, including the Facebook “Like” feature. You can easily add these through your blogs platform. blog_socialplugins

Building your social presence is a critical step in building your brand for all organizations. A plan that incorporates many of the ideas above will be important to see a quick build-up of your fans and followers.  Let us know if you have other ideas that have worked for your organization.


How to Set Up a Facebook Page and an Ecommerce App

March 10, 2014 by Chelsie Ball

If you are running a business it is important that your company has a presence on social media. A quick and easy place for you to start is to create a Facebook business page.

1.       To create a Facebook business page go to: Here you will be asked what type of page you would like to create. Generally the best one to choose here is “Local Business or Place,” please review the other options just in case those suit you better.

2.       After you click “Local Business or Place” you will be asked to select your business category along with your company information such as name of the business, address, and phone number. If for some reason your category isn’t listed you can always choose “local business.” You then have to agree to Facebook Pages Terms and click “get started”.

3.       Once the initial setup is complete you will asked to add categories and provide a description. This will help bring up your page in search results. Be sure to add a link to your website here as well if you have one. You do have a character limit for the description so make the most of your description. On this page you can also choose a unique Facebook address that makes it easier for people to find you. We suggest using your business name or a main product.


4.       The next step is adding your logo into the profile picture.

5.       After you have added the logo, you will be given the option to reach more people. This is where you can create a Facebook Ad and set your daily budget so you can get fans; this is a quick way to get fans and to sell any products through your Facebook page. If you are not ready at this time to start using Facebook Ads for your page then you can skip this section.

You have now completed the setup of your page. You should add more information to your page such as a cover photos (larger photo at the top of the page) and more images of your office and/or products and team. You can easily add a cover photo by clicking the button towards the top that says “Add a cover.”


Once the page has been created you can click the “About” that is listed right below your description. Here you are able to modify the business information that you provided previously as you did the initial setup. If you hover over the “About” section you will see a pencil icon in the upper right corner, you should click this as it allows you to add additional information. Here you are able to make sure all your categories are correct, you can add in your hours of operation which is especially important if you have a physical location. We also recommend entering a long description of your business and making the page official for your brand.


If your Facebook page is for a company that sells products, as many as you should also consider adding a Facebook store app to your page so that fans who are viewing your page can shop there as well. You can add a Facebook shop to your store pretty easily. For our example I am going to take you through adding the ShopTab app to a Facebook page, most apps in general can be added the same way.

First if you go to their website you can see a button for “Start Your Free Trial”. You will then see an orange button to start your free trial.  Fill in the appropriate information to get started, you will need to remember your email address and password for future logins.

Once you have done the initial setup up you will be able to login for the first time. After you have registered you will be offered the opportunity to add the app to your designated page. You can do that anytime, but we recommend doing that when you first login. You will then be prompted to provide ShopTab permission to place the app on your page. You should click okay to allow on each of the 2 to 3 dialog boxes they provide. Once the app is successfully placed on your page the app icon should appear as it does below. You can also customize the name and image that is shown for your app. There are many other customizations and setups that the Facebook store app will allow you to make.

You can easily setup a Facebook business page and add photos to your page to create interest for your fans. If you offer products then you should consider adding a Facebook shop to your business page. This will enable your customers to shop directly from your Facebook page and they won’t have to bounce around between your Facebook page and your website. If you do offer products and you do not currently have an ecommerce site you can easily make those products available to customers through Facebook.


Use Facebook Ads to Drive Sales in your Facebook Shop

February 24, 2014 by Chelsie Ball

You did your research and have set yourself up with a new Facebook store app.  Now you need to drive customers to your store to generate revenue. There are different marketing avenues that you may take to promote your products.  For new store app users, we suggest you review our FB store quick start guide to see simple and quick success options with our free tools. However, there are times when using Facebook’s advertising platform can make great sense for driving sales and growing your followers.

When using Facebook ads we recommend providing a discount or a packaged deal, since these perform very well within Facebook.  For you to discount your products you will need to login to your account and edit the product that you are looking to discount.  You can adjust your pricing in the price field area shown below. We suggest you note the reduced price in the product title and even in the description.


After you have discounted your product price and saved the changes you will notice a button under the product listings page that says “Promote”. You can use this button to let your customers know about the discounted price directly on your Facebook Fan Page for your followers.  This is a free tool for all ShopTab users to use.


On this Promote dialog, you can see that there is a specific link provided for this product which will allow you to not only promote the product directly on your Facebook page but you can also use this link to promote your product with Facebook Ads  or other platforms (ex: an email blast or in a tweet).  You’ll want to use this link because it has special “smart link” technology that will allow all desktop, tablet and mobile users to access the product page with an optimized landing page.

promote on wall_boots

To broaden your reach outside of your followers on Facebook, use this special product link with a Facebook ads campaign so you can directly target people that may be interested in your store and its products.  To create your own Facebook ad do the following:

  • Go to
  • From here select the goals you would like to accomplish with the ad campaign
  • Facebook will then ask you for more detail on what you chose to accomplish so it knows where to guide your customers.

You may choose “Page Post Engagement” if you want to direct them  to use that link that is populated from the “Promote” feature in the app to direct traffic to the specific products.  This is a great route to take to let consumers know about the discounted product you are offering.  For other campaigns, you may choose to direct them to the main store landing page – the smart link for the full store is located under the “Settings” and “Activate Mobile Store” tab in ShopTab – grab either of the links noted below.


After you choose where you want to link you campaign, you may then choose images that you would like to display with your ads. Below that process it will ask you a series of questions about who you want to target and what industry your products fall under – perfect for a real focused targeting for your product. The last section is going to be the payment information area. You will need to read the details on whether you are paying by impression or paying by click and you will be asked to select a daily budget for your ad.

You may pair the integrated ShopTab “Promote” feature with Facebook ads to reach a much broader market. Those two avenues work together very well to create a solution for you to quickly sell products, generate revenue and expand the followers to your fan page.

If you run a campaign with Facebook ads, let us know what you learned.