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  • Facebook Store Drives Sales
    "I made more money off of my ShopTab
    Facebook Shop in 2 weeks than my
    website made for me in 6 months."
    - Survivor Ties
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    Survivor Ties Facebook store
  • Flexible Facebook Store
    Checkout Solutions
    Easy to install with Existing Commerce
    Solutions or with PayPal's Checkout
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  • Worldwide Social Experience
    Facebook Stores in
    Over 70 Countries
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  • Enhance Your Brand with a Facebook Shop
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Facebook Shop Cart Option

Payments by credit, debit or PayPal. Full inventory, shipping and tax control.

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Mobile Facebook Store

Extend your Facebook Shop to support mobile buyers

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Full Language & Currency Support

We have Facebook Shops in over 70 countries with 50+ currencies.

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Create Daily Deals

New app to create a Daily Deal Facebook Store for your fans.

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Facebook Store Key Features List

Social Sharing
  • Facebook Like, Share and Comments
  • Twitter posting support
  • Pinterest support for your product pictures
  • Customizable text calls to action on all social buttons
  • Unique "Promote" button to push your products or full Facebook Store to your news feed for desktop and mobile users
Drive Social Engagement
  • Fan Gate or Like Gate option with customized welcome screen
  • Share products from your Facebook Shop on your wall to encourage discussion
  • Encourage the use of the popular social marks
  • Add the Ask Friends Advice feature for viral sharing
  • Social sharing drives up the value in your search listings
Store Design
  • Grid and horizontal stacked Timeline layouts
  • Ability to highlight special products on the first page of your Facebook Store
  • Branding with store header on all pages
  • Flexible color pallet to match your brand
  • White-label and branded store options
  • List 10, 20, 50 or 100 products on your home page
  • Customize your App Icon and text call to action
Highlight Your Products
  • Price, category and general search options
  • Support of two-tiered categories
  • Unlimited category support
  • Designate a special category for your home page
  • Supports up to four images and expanded image option for buyer's review of products
Store Flexibility
  • Simple integration with Google Analytics
  • Full language translation
  • Comprehensive currency options
  • Connect to your existing e-commerce site or use our integrated cart payment option
  • Special options to optimize Facebook Store selling to accomodate for limitations in Facebook's mobile app

ShopTab Testimonials

“$10 a month, are you kidding me? This Facebook Store is worth every penny."
- Robert

"Wow! Your FB Store app is amazing. So simple to install and use and a great time saver for me! Thank you so much for creating such a wonderful app."
- Caroline

"I made more money off this ShopTab Facebook Shop in 2 weeks than my website made me in 6 months."
- Chris

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